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About Our Programs!

"We have had an incredible start, and can not wait to see how much our child grows here! The ENTIRE staff is not only so friendly, but extremely caring and good at what they do. We feel such a strong family connection when we enter the doors, and we could not be more happy to be a part of this community!"

                     -Stephanie Q. (Parent)

Great teachers! Very clean! All around great place!

                     -Remi T. (Parent)

Kiddie Clubhouse Infant Room



Infants learn through their senses. Social interaction, language, singing, and physical contact encourage learning and healthy development. We strongly believe building strong trusting relationships between children, families and caregivers fosters healthy development. Our Infant Care Rooms are designed to be soothing as well as provide a stimulating environment for our little bundles of joy!

Kiddie Clubhouse Toddler Room



Toddlers thrive with a daily routine catering to his/her needs to build self-awareness and confidence. Children are free to make choices based on development and interest; Such as blocks, puzzles, dramatic play, sensory activities and manipulative toys are offered throughout the day. Our Toddler Program is designed so children will have the opportunity to learn to their full potential. Our Two Steps Program is designed to get children ready for Preschool & Kindergarten.

Kiddie Clubhouse Preschool Room



Take a step into our preschool classroom, look around... See toys as far as the eye can see, smell the brand new box of crayons freshly opened, hear the sound of the teacher singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” taste our favorite morning snack nutritious & enjoyable, and touch my teachers heart when they see me learn more & more each day. These are just some of the exciting things that our children will face as they enter their preschool classroom every day! Our Fun Steps Program keeps our classroom educational and stimulating to give our students the skills they need for a successful & bright future!

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